Who We Are?

A technology solutions firm that specializes in software engineering (web, mobile, cloud), technology consulting, technology training, and talent acquisition assistance.

What We Do?

We build customized applications (mobile, web, and beyond)and web sites. We also lead and consult on data transformation projects.

emSite Solutions also provide guidance and assist companies with IT solutions to ensure systems are safe and secure. We train teams so that they are knowledgable about the technology ecosystem that ever evolves. We also consult talent acquisition firms during the pre-hire phase of procuring technical talent.

Why We Do It?

Our goal is to utilize cutting edge technology and modern frameworks to create customized software for companies so that they are able to thrive within their industry.

We are passionate about technology. Thus we seek to help with all technology needs. This includes partnering with companies and becoming the technical consultants that guide, teach, and implement sound solutions for their technical needs.

Since When?

emSite Solutions team has over 15 years of experience in software, hardware, and IT solutions.

App Development

We create new applications or enhance existing applications. No matter the technology, we are here to assist.

We have experience in creating customer relationship management (CRM)systems, Content Management Systems, Enterprise Resource Programs (ERPs), Scheduling and Task Systems, Inventory systems and much more.

We have the pleasure to take your creative idea from a thought to an app either mobile, web, or cloud-based to reality.

Data Transformation

From converting monolithic sites and applications into Software as a Service (SASS) to integrating with disparent systems.

emSite Solutions has experience. We specialize in understanding a company’s data, converting the data into meaningful information to help with KPIs, app and company performance, and finding ways to increase productivity and profitability.

IT Support

We provide you with the maximum reliability for your Information Technology (IT) needs with the lowest overall cost. We save you the long term expense of needing to have a dedicated IT support person and allow you to maximize your business potential.

Talent Acquisition Assistance

We provide guidance during the pre-req and pre-hire phases of talent placement.

We assit with ensuring the requirments that are asked by technical hiring managers is correct and then provide assistance with consulting the potential candidates for the open req.